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Newest Members

Congratulations to the newest members of Phalanx, Honorary Phalanx, and White Key! The inductees include:
Phalanx: Emily Ackerman, Stephen Bennett, Elise Budd, Ian Colwell, Michelle Denny, Nimit Dhulekar, Christina Gilliland, Christopher Heinbokel, Brendan Howell, Richard Manz, Jeffery Morton, Melanie Mosinski, Emily Nebiolo, Oskari Rautiainen, Thomas Thayer, Carla Toland, Paige Townsend, Hannah Trasatti, Vienna Yee, and Zhen (Jackson) Zhang
Honorary Phalanx: Arthur Gajarsa and Jim Knowlton
White Key: Daniel Bruce, Kenneth Campbell, Elizabeth Castro, Carolyn Chlebek, Maggie Cullather, Kelly Dearborn, Trent DeVerter, Andrew Ehlers, Emily Farella, Soraya Fouladi, Raymond Jacobson, Katie McGuigan, Brian Michalka, Alli Morgan, Ryan Moriarty, Kyle Neumann, Gavin Noritsky, Morgan Schweitzer, Paige Trasatti, Joseph Vantassel, and Shamus Wheeler

Reunion and Homecoming 2013

Thank you everyone for coming back to the RPI campus this Reunion and Homecoming. We greatly enjoyed your company at the Phalanx Reception and look forward to seeing you all in years to come. We hope everyone had a fantastic time. Photos of the event will be posted soon.

Current Phalanx Projects

Take a look at Phalanx’s current projects! Including a renovation of the Phalanx Room in the RPI Student Union, the creation of a White Key Society pin, and the creation of a new Phalanx Flag.

Order your Member Pin

Lost, misplaced, or never received your membership pin? The pin is an enduring and recognizable symbol for our honor society. Phalanx pins are available by request for any Phalanx Alumni for $20 which includes shipping. At the same price, White Key pins are available to any inductees of the White Key Society. Order by contacting Phalanx at

Keep in touch

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