Phalanx Welcomes Newest Members

Congratulations to our newest Phalanx members who were inducted at our Tapping Ceremony on April 14th, 2018. Meet the new members!

Fundraiser for Donations

Phalanx relies strongly on the donations from our Alumni and Honorary members to support the many activities and projects we do on campus. Please consider donating to Phalanx through our new fundraiser page with RPI. More information can be found on the donation page.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Phalanx Officers

Phalanx Honor Society is happy to announce our brand new officers for the coming years. We know that they will bring great ideas and initiative to the organization!

President – Anna Thonis
Vice President – Donna Grace Moleta
Treasurer – Priyanka Raju
Secretary – Rachel Blacker

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Phalanx Honor Society congratulates its graduating members and the entire Class of 2017 on this momentous achievement!

Current Phalanx Projects
Phalanx_Room_Floor_Plan - Move Projector

Phalanx_Room_Floor_Plan-from windows

Take a look at Phalanx’s current projects! Including a renovation of the Phalanx Room in the RPI Student Union and the purchase of a new Phalanx Flag.

Order your Member Pin

Lost, misplaced, or never received your membership pin? The pin is an enduring and recognizable symbol for our honor society. Phalanx pins are available by request for any Phalanx Alumni for $20 which includes shipping. At the same price, White Key pins are available to any inductees of the White Key Society. Order by contacting Phalanx at