John Drazan

Phalanx Honor Society Member

Degree(s)John Drazan
B.S. in Physics, SUNY Geneseo 2012
Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, 2017

About Me
I have been the STEM director at the grass roots non-profit 4th Family since Fall 2012. I am able to combine my knowledge and passion for sports and science to develop programs where students can discover the application of scientific concepts in real life by exploring how the human body performs in athletics. In the past three years, I have worked with over 500 high school students in area and involved dozens of other students at RPI in outreach. I recently received an NSF GK12 fellowship through the 3Helix program as recognition of my effective STEM programming for a K12 audience. My thesis work is focused on using passive, resonant sensors to detect pressures in the human body to improve patient care after traumatic injuries.