Alexandra Wells

Phalanx Honor Society Member

Degree(s)Phalanx Pic
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, 2016

About Me
Throughout my undergraduate career, I have been involved in many organizations here at Rensselaer. I became a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta in Fall 2012, and since then have held positions as the Fundraising Coordinator, Philanthropy Coordinator, and Vice President of Scholarship. I have also held the role of Recruitment Counselor for one year to help guide young women through the process of joining Greek Life. As a sophomore, I was involved in the RPI Global Medicine Brigades. Through this organization, we traveled to Panama and set up a three day triage and health clinic for native tribes.

I have also been a member of the RPI Engineering Ambassadors since Spring 2013. This organization is devoted to promoting STEM interest in K-12 students, in hopes of exciting them to pursue education and careers in these fields. Recently, I have become the Financial Development Coordinator for the Engineering Ambassadors. As we continue to expand in both size and scope, we have the goal of connecting with companies for partnership. My role is to connect with these organizations for funding, so we can continue to impact the lives of young students everywhere.