Daniel Bruce

Phalanx Honor Society Member, White Key Recipient 2014

B.S. in Information Technology and Web Science, 2018

About Me
I am a former editor in chief of The Polytechnic, RPI’s weekly-published newspaper. I served in that role in 2014 and brought the paper back from the brink of extinction and increased membership from around six core editors to over almost two dozen staff members. I also served as both editorial/opinion and sports editor, web and systems director, and contributing editor, the latter a Senior Board position.

I am heavily involved in RPI Ambulance, where I am credentialed as a crew chief. I am the only New York State-certified paramedic on staff (the other members hold an emergency medical technician certification or lower), and I do my best to use my larger knowledge base to further the care of our patients and skills of our providers. I serve as RPIA’s radio coordinator as well, ensuring communications amongst members and between the agency and dispatch perform flawlessly.

Most notably, I am currently the president of RPI TV, the Institute’s student-run video production house. We produce more events in a year than the number of classroom days, and we are most noted for our coverage of “Engineers Hockey, live on RPI TV!” We are often considered the best television coverage in the ECAC and the NCAA. Previously, I served as facilities and equipment manager, and I started in the club as a commentator for a diving meet. I have also held the roles of executive producer and producer for the Big Red Freakout! hockey game, RPI TV’s flagship production.

As a brother of Zeta Psi, I took elder status when I pursed my degree in paramedicine. Since returning to RPI, I did not retake active status, and I currently serve on Zetes’s board of directors and as the alumni IT chairman.

Away from campus, I work as a paramedic for Mohawk Ambulance Service, which allows me to see the community around Albany, Schenectady, and Troy. I previously volunteered at North Greenbush Ambulance Association and Sand Lake Ambulance, two towns only about 10 minutes from campus, and I did my paramedic internship at both W.F. Bruen Rescue Squad in East Greenbush and Troy Fire Department. I am very proud of the community connections I’ve made at all of these agencies.

I am an elected town meeting member in Milford, Massachusetts, my hometown, where I was chosen to represent my constituents in the budgetary, zoning, and regulatory decision-making of the municipality. I also hold a commission as a Massachusetts notary public.