Sean Beacham

Phalanx Honor Society Member

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 2018

About Me
In my first semester at Rensselaer, I was lucky enough to get a work study position with Marie Dieffenbach and Karen Lewis in the Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering Department office. I frequently gave tours of the department’s facilities to prospective students and talked to them about what it is like to be a student at RPI. In working there frequently, I became involved in the School of Engineering.

Over the course of my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to work in research, the Design Lab, and the MILL. In my junior year I joined the MANE Student Advisory Council (SAC). The MANE SAC tries to act as the bridge between faculty and students. In addition, this same year I became an RA and joined the Rensselaer Rocket Society (RRS).

I had an internship with Pratt & Whitney over the Summer of 2017. I will be returning there this Summer. I hope to work in the Aerospace industry when I begin my career.

Currently, I am continuing my research as a part of my Master’s work. I have a work study position in the Engineering HUB. I am head of curriculum changes on the MANE SAC and president of the RRS.