Advaith Narayan #1622

Phalanx Honor Society Member, 2019 White Key

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2021

About Me
I am passionate about serving the community and in particular, our student body through the Union. I have been serving in the Student Senate for 3 years. I was a Class of 2021 senator for 2 years, one of which I also served as the Hospitality Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) chairperson. During my time heading up the HSAC, I helped bring the late-night meal swipe program to the Rathskeller. I am currently serving as an independent senator and Vice Grand Marshal. Throughout my term as Vice GM, I have encouraged and brought back the subcommittee structure to our Senate committees, which has allowed for better project work and more autonomy in running the committees. Though the Arch presented a disruption in my ability to physically be present and serve in the Student Senate, I continued to serve as the Vice Grand Marshal and Independent Senator during my away semester in Chicago with the help of video conferencing. 

I am also a member of RPI ambulance, currently training to become a driver.