Caleb Woodson #1625

Phalanx Honor Society Member

B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, 2019
M. Eng. in Systems Engineering and Technology Management, 2020

About Me
I am a Frater in the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and that is where my
campus leadership began. I started out as the social media, public
relations committee chairman. In this position I was responsible for
maintaining and updating my Chapter’s social media pages, and I was
involved in any Chapter activity that involved interaction with the
public to help us present the desired look from the outside. Following
this position, I was elected Epi Prytanis, Vice President, of the
Fraternity for the calendar year 2019. In this role, I was responsible
for overseeing all of the committees in the fraternity: Academics,
Social, fundraising, philanthropy, and public relations. Additionally, I
was in charge on interpreting and maintaining our chapter bylaws. This
involved drafting edits and proposing them to the chapter for voting as
well as keeping the bylaws secure and safe.
My other source of campus leadership came from my role as a member of
RPI Ambulance, I joined Sophomore year and took the EMT class that same
fall. Working my way up to becoming a fully credentialed driver and crew
chief. And eventually a driver trainer and crew chief trainer. For the
2019-2020 academic year, I had the honor of serving as Captain of the
agency. This meant that I was in charge of everything medical and
vehicular with regards to our operations. In this role, I oversaw all
training, attended meetings with all of the Fire and EMS Chiefs/Captains
of Rensselaer County hosted by the Bureau of Public Safety. While
keeping the agency running at the highest quality of care, I also was
still riding 3-4 nights/week. This totaled at least 40 hours of work
every week of either riding shifts or working of things as Captain. One
of the bigger projects that I worked on was the purchase of our next
ambulance, this is a process that takes months and months and requires a
lot more people that just me, but everyone has to do their part for it
to work, as I left, we were in the process of requesting bids from
manufacturers. It was my honor to serve in this role of Captain and
further the agency such that we can best serve campus and our
surrounding community. It was hard work but I wouldn’t have spent my
time at RPI any different.