Chris Pence #1641

Phalanx Honor Society Member


Dual B.S. in Computer Science and Information Technology and Web Science (ITWS)

About Me

My involvement on campus began when I added ITWS as a dual major freshman year. I became involved in the community and after being accepted to Gamma Nu Eta (GNH, the IT honor society) I served as the
secretary of the organization. The next year, I was elected President. As President, I introduced a newsletter with the goal of increasing alumni involvement and strengthened the bond between GNH and the ITWS Student Leadership board. I also served as an ITWS Student Mentor for incoming freshmen and have participated in a number of admissions events for the department.

Outside of the ITWS community, I served as the secretary for the Smart Lighting Sustainability Club during which time I created the club’s website and helped spread the word about the small club. I was also a Calculus I mentor for the I-PERSIST program during my sophomore year.