Lauren King #1672

Phalanx Honor Society Member


B.S. in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, 2023

M.S. in Nuclear Engineering, 2023

About Me

Throughout my undergraduate experience, I have participated in the RPI Engineering Ambassadors program as well as the Pep Band. Within EA, I have had the opportunity to work with over 1200 students in grades K-12 in the capital region and beyond, bringing engineering concepts they may not have had the opportunity to be exposed to otherwise. In addition to serving as an ambassador, I have also been on the executive board as the outreach coordinator, in which I began 5 new programs that have continued on since their inception, reaching hundreds of students to date! Of these, the most successful of these programs reaches underserved youth of Troy with exciting modules that make engineering far less scary.
As a member of the pep band, I pride myself in having the opportunity to bring school spirit to sports games and campus events through music. As a tenor saxophone player, I have attended nearly all men’s and women’s ice hockey games and football games over my nearly 4 years with the group. In addition to this, I served as the outreach manager for nearly 2 years, bringing the group through the difficult time of online pep and back into full spirit.