Naya Hill

White Key 2018

B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2021

About Me

People are my passion. The betterment and support of those around me is what drives me. So when I got to Rensselaer, I knew I wanted to get involved in some of the wonderful organizations this campus hosts.

One of the first organizations I joined was NSBE & BSA. The warmth within those organizations made me feel at home my first week here, so I decided to apply to be NSBE’s Freshman Representative. Our job is to unite the Black and African freshman and to be the bridge between these new students who might not know much about Rensselaer and the older minorities in hopes of creating the ultimate support system. This has been a very important role for me because having a group of people that you connect with can make all the difference. And my goal is to make a difference in someone’s life.

During the second semester of my freshman year, my partner and I taught an Intro to Electronics course concentrating on schematic reading, circuit building, and the understanding of key electrical concepts on Wednesday’s at the Watervliet middle school. This six week course began as a research project beginning the first semester of my freshman year. I worked under Alhussein Abouzeid and with three other marvelous individuals in the field of wireless networking.

Similarly, in the beginning months of my freshman year, I joined Red & White. Red & White is a student organization whose members represent the institute to the Rensselaer alumni, the campus, and the community. We coordinate the coming of businesses to campus, host Study Days, uphold the traditions of RPI, hold sessions to teach useful skills for after graduation, and simply have lunch with alum of over 50 years ago.

I also had the opportunity to speak on behalf of the school for Rensselaers’ Transformative Campaign for Global Change- CLASS Alive!

I also served as a 2021 senator. Through the senate, I was charged with making decisions, along with my other peers, on what we thought was best for the student body. I was on the Senate’s Community Relations Committee. The goal of the Community Relations Committee is to increase RPI student interactions with the community, to work towards a more united space. Through this committee, I became the project lead for RPI’s 2nd annual Lupus walk. I had the honor of planning, orchestrating, and advertising for the Lupus Walk, along with the help of my Co-Chair.

Next year I will be a Women Mentor so I can share my love of this school and campus with her.