Angeliek Devine #1633

Phalanx Honor Society Member


B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 2020

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 2021

About Me

During my time at RPI I have had the privilege of being involved in many facets of the Rensselaer community. I worked for the MANE undergraduate office since my freshman year, assisting staff and students alike. My freshman year I joined the RPI Greek community and became a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon. A.O.E. is an organization dear to my heart and I have dedicated countless hours to the betterment of it and its members. I have held several positions for A.O.E. including fundraising chair, convention chair, community development chair, membership educator, and president. In these positions, my main goal was to ensure our organization was a welcoming and inclusive environment for members of all backgrounds. As a sophomore at Rensselaer, I was awarded the community manager position for Bryckwyck apartments. In this role I interacted directly with residents, planning events for them and engaging with them. The following two years I was promoted to Resident Director for RAHP A and subsequently Polytechnic apartments. During my time as a Student Living and Learning staff member, I supported my residents and fellow staff members and acted as a role model to my peers.