Phalanx has set out on a number of projects aimed to improve our ability to honor our campus leaders and promote leadership and its development. You can help support these projects by donating here. Thank you for assisting us in these endeavors!

Phalanx Room Renovation

In order to promote leadership on campus, we are undertaking a renovation project of the Phalanx Room in the RPI Student Union. We truly want Phalanx to be synonymous with student leadership and its development. The renovated Phalanx Room will be the epicenter of student leadership on campus. We plan to outfit the room with up-to-date technology, add decorative touches that nod to Phalanx Honor Society, as well as honor our past Phalanx leaders with photos, memorabilia, and a donors plaque.

The renderings below speak to these renovations with the installation of an in-house projector system, upwards purple floor lighting, and the Phalanx scroll design painted on the border of inset ceiling. Photos of past and recent Phalanx Tappings would highlight our rich history on campus and demonstrate our continuing legacy to anyone utilizing the room.

Updates to the room include:
Phalanx inspired paint and lighting details
Installing an overhead projector system
Moving the existing projector screen to a less obtrusive location
Purchasing a conference phone
Hanging Phalanx Tapping photos and other memorabilia around the room
Purchasing new matching frames for the Phalanx memorabilia
Swapping the current red chairs for purple padded ones

Please support the renovation of the Phalanx Room in the RPI Student Union by donating here.

Phalanx_Room_Floor_Plan - Move Projector

Phalanx_Room_Floor_Plan-from windows

New Phalanx Flag

The Active Phalanx Members would like to have a new Phalanx Flag created for us to use at our campus events, such as our GM Week Root Beer booth! Please assist us in the creation of a new flag by donating here.

To the right you will see a photo from years back when the current Phalanx Flag appears in Tapping Day photos.