Nomination Process

Candidate Solicitation

Phalanx leadership is responsible for soliciting nominations for Phalanx, Honorary Phalanx, White Key, David M. Darrin ’40 Counseling Award, and Who’s Who. Announcements are made via campus posters, MorningMail and by email to all Union Club leaders, all academic departments, Greek Life, ROTC, and RPI Athletics. In addition to this Union webpage, the Phalanx also has a Facebook page that is updated with nomination announcements. It is asked that Rensselaer community members submit nominations via our website response form, or send recommendations to

Selection Process

Phalanx active (dues paying) members are responsible for selection of Phalanx, Honorary Phalanx, White Key, Darrin, and Who’s Who based on nominations received through the website form. Phalanx actives are to make their decisions in alignment with the Selection Criteria. The number of those inducted is at the discretion of the Active membership at large. Action cannot be taken without Quorum (5 actives or 1/3 rounded up — whichever is greater). A simple majority vote is needed to for a nominee to be selected.